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Php date, absolutely necessary for your blog update !

Whether you are a php developers or not, as long as you own a website, you must know that the php date () function is required during the update of the latter. This function will enable you to get the local time of your server based on the geographical situation of the latter.

She will then return a date as a string provided by the parameter "timestamp" in the format parameter "format" will be given. If there is no timestamp provided, this will be only the current date and time. Here the "timestamp" parameter is optional and the value of time ().

The parameter list

There are several dates constants can be used. This is so that DATE_RSS can perfectly replace the forming "D, d MYH: i: s".

In the format parameter, the characters: D, D, J, L, N, S, W, Z will be recognized as the day. The week will be symbolized by W. month by the F, m, M, n, t. The year by the L, O, Y, y. Time by the a, A, B, g, h, H, i, s, u. The time zone by e, I, O, P, T, Z. The date and the full hour c, r and U. If there is unrecognized characters, they will be printed as such. When Z is using gmdate (), it should always return 0.

The timestamp, meanwhile, is an integer optional parameter that defaults to the current local time if this parameter is not provided. Then it will be worth the value of time (). If a non-numeric value is used in this parameter, an error of level E_WARNING is emitted.

Normally, each call to the function date / time, a message will be sent E_NOTICE if the time zone is not valid. Otherwise, if you use System or the TZ environment variable, the message will be E_STRICT or E_WARNING.

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