Stop working with losers, call the pro ruby ​​on rails

The corporate world is not a place where one must tolerate laxity. Thinking about it even though, laxity should not be tolerated anywhere. This rule is felt even more when we dive into the world of programming. When a person decides to do programming, it must know that it will become like a lifestyle. She can no longer go a day without devoting at least three or four hours writing codes or rather to do research to perfect. It is in this way that we can no longer call this person lax.

Don’t believe that programming it is a part of pleasure, you have to work very hard.

Working as a programmer is not easy. We will not lie to us on this point. It is a discipline that requires many hours of work. You must spend a lot of time. Do not be surprised that the selections in enterprises are taken very seriously. We do not want someone who will slow us in our work, in our projects we need to make in a very short time to our customers. In addition when it comes to programming in the Ruby language, it is a different story. If you have noticed, it's not everyone who decides to make program in this language. So you must understand that this is a language that requires much attention and too much concentration. We do not want to be a person who is lost in what she does. We do not want an employee who will need help at any time. We do not want a person who will always be behind another. This is the kind of situation that slows us down considerably. What we need is a very good or even excellent ruby on rails developer. So, if you feel able to take on this role, our doors are widely open.

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