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Get in on the hosting with Koddos !

Having recently created your own website for your business, you want it to work perfectly for you to benefit. For this, you are strongly advised to opt for an offshore hosting. But how to find the offer and how it works?

Where to find an offer of offshore accommodation?

If you want to start hosting for the proper functioning of your site then you can opt for services such as Koddos. This is a company that has specialized in high end hosting. They use state-of-the-art software and materials of the highest quality so that your web pages can run quickly. This hosting will also protect you against all forms of hacking or malicious attack like DDoS. You can rely completely on their know-how because this service provider company has already treated almost everything in terms of neutralization of everything achieved against your site. In addition to a premium service, they have several blocking systems against any type of DDoS attack that currently comes in many forms. Their staff are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just visit their websites https://koddos.net.

How does it work ?

Koddos has several types of hosting Medium and High Risk, Remote DDoS protection, Dedicated protected server and colocation with DDos protection. The latter's role is to stop any attempt at hacking or malicious attack. These accommodations have multiple layers of filtration to mitigate new types of external invasion. Once the attack has been located in their network, they will be able to block it on the edge of their network. To permanently delete it, the traffic will pass into their cleaning center. So you will have the opportunity to increase your productivities safely. Your website will also be more functional and thanks to such a process, your customers will be able to follow all the news concerning your company. With this approach, you can say goodbye to sites that are long to load and inactive sites.

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