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How to faster your website ?

The loading of a page on a web platform is a fact that can retain a visitor or repel it. If the page loads too slowly, it causes the user to lose time and the logic is that it goes beyond waiting for the reaction of the site. This is to say the crucial importance of the speed of loading on the Internet especially that the search engine algorithm also takes into account this speed of loading for SEO. There are several tricks that can help make the site more responsive and faster.

Solutions for developers

The real professionals of the creation of web pages know the tricks to make a platform as small as possible. Indeed, a page can be loaded in image, sound, text and color, yet it does not justify that it is slow. To improve and optimize this speed, it is important to minimize the weight of the page. A php developers know how to do it. This starts with the grouping of the CSS into a single external file and the scripts in a single file as well. Otherwise, you have to dare to make compressions for example for photo files or combinations of images with the CSS style. This seems very technical is nevertheless an easy solution for the site loses its slowness. Then, for the improvement of the load, it is necessary to support the optimization of the CSS style sheets. To do this, it is important to use CSS sprites, to combine them into a file and especially not to insert it in the html page.

An alternative solution

Another trick frequently used by professionals is caching. With this method there is no more to reproduce the same elements several times, it is enough to make copies. The first part is the server cache, it is for example possible to use templates systems with PHP for that. Otherwise, the client cache also intervenes. This consists of not letting the browser restart each time and ordering the server to provide the data and tap into a version already saved on a disk.

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