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How to set up a Mac for php development ?

Two methods exist to configure and install on Mac, a complete development environment in order to web sites of appearance: Apache in the server role, PHP in the programming language and MySQL, essential in the role of the base data. Apple book necessarily a version of Apache, the most popular web server, and the latest version of PHP 5.

First method

It is very easy to develop its environment manually under MacOS X given that Apache has the advantage of being already installed on Mac OS X and embedded in the operating system. Then simply run it, set it up and learn how to handle it. Be careful to configure Apache for it to turn into a local site on a custom development domain: there are many tutorials on the internet regarding this issue. This first method also requires the installation of MySQL. Go download MySQL Workbench for mac directly on the official site. Install the application and start (from your application directory, not from the temporarily mounted volume). You'll quickly with a MySQL server installed locally and a great tool. You can now connect your PHP application to MySQL using localhost as root and no password.
So here you are with super "MAMP" environment (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP) that will allow you to develop your own local project directly without having to depend on third programs that do not necessarily correspond to your needs.

Second method

The second solution is to install an application all in one as MAMP (for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP). This is a complete stand-alone solution that does not depend on Apache, or PHP version installed by Apple. However, you must ensure the prerequisites for the implementation of programs. In the development context of web applications, a web server with PHP is required. The MAMP software can run a local web server on a machine running on Mac OS X.

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