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Need help to choose your code for your future website ? We are here !

Choosing a web technology to create a professional website is an important decision because :
- All technologies are not suitable for all uses.
- It is difficult to migrate your site from one technology to another if ever you made ​​the bad choice.
- This choice will guide you in finding your developers who often have their favorite technologies.

The best language to create a website

In a Web site there is a part "server" (with often a database) and a client part - and generally the latter is generated on demand by the server.

Concerning client it is rather simple : the client (browser) includes only HTML,CSS and Javascript (with some eccentricities according to the browser, and by including all the different versions still supported by HTML and by CSS). Thus although it arrives your site has to "serve" web pages in Javascript / HTML / CSS - but there are lots of different manners to produce this code.

Concerning server it is not the choice which is lacking : of course you can code in PHP but there is also Ruby one Rails, ASP.NET, node.js, and tens of the other diverse and varied frameworks. They allow all to generate web pages, but most suggest more flexible, modern, legible languages and whatever that HTML, CSS and Javascript. Thus the code will automatically be translated before being sent to the customer. Bulk, some will allow you to make coffeescript instead of Javascript, Razor instead of HTML,YAML instead of the CSS...

Typically every Web framework becomes integrated well enough with all the existing engines of database, so you do not have to feel obliged to use MySQL.

To create Web sites in an approach different from PHP, it is interesting to discover Ruby One Rails and the philosophy MVC. Ruby one Rails has however in its advantage that it is a totally free framework (collection of tools to simplify the development of web site).

Need help to choose your code for your future website ? Our ruby on rails developer is here !

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