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The best way to deliver real results in Php programming

It is easy to know the keywords of a programming language, and it is easy to copy a code found on the Internet, but programming is much more than writing lines of code in a text editor.

Organize your source code

Programming is part of the "know-how" part of our memory. This part requires a lot of practice. Practice also makes mistakes, just not to do them again in the future. Programming is learned a lot by doing, and the more you do, the more you will do. Programming is not just typing code on your keyboard. There are principles to learn before plunging into the code: data structures and algorithms. This is surely the most discouraging part of learning, because it is theoretical and mathematical, but this step allows you to organize your programs correctly and thus develop faster. Whether on blogs or in the code of others, take inspiration from what exists to continue or improve it.

The purpose of programming

The goal of php programming is to understand how systems work and write programs that solve a problem, not spending hours doing what already exists, better or worse. There is no shame in taking a code with the necessary permissions to make something different, better or more suitable. Sharing your knowledge is very important for advancing and advancing others. If you have the opportunity to do a project together, while being advised, you will gain a lot in productivity. Being satisfied with a non-functional program and continuing in this way does not help to do better afterwards. The current version of PHP brings a breath of fresh air to the language and professionals. The main lack so far was his object model too succinct.

The best way to miss now and later is to produce programs that are not fully functional, very memory hungry or just unimplemented.

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