How to create a gif ??

In social networks, information website and across the web, the Gif is present. This image format from the late 80s knows today a great success. Simple to create, it enable to represent an action that should be too long on a video or too inert to a simple fixed image. Internet surfers use Gif to share small animations. But, how can we create Gif images?

What is an animated Gif image?

An animated Gif (graphic interchange image) a digital image format that allows to make short and looping animations. This image format becomes popular because of Tumblr social network. Indeed, it’s on this platform where internet users publish animated Gif for their blogs. Gif is typically a sequence of several images that appear at a given speed. These images are repeated constantly giving the impression of watching a video that loops continuously. It is also possible to make animated gif from video sequences. As with photos, you just have to import the video, and select sequence that need to be transformed in Gif. To create an animated Gif, there are many tools that can help you. We are going to see some tools.

The way to make an animated Gif

Nowadays, there are many ways to create an animated gif image. For example, we can automatically generate an animated Gif image by uploading pictures on a website. Many online platforms offer this type of service. Also, there are software that allow you to create animated image from photos or video, it’s about Gif generator of graphic software as Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Furthermore, we can also generate animated Gif by using PHP. It is the favorite technic of php development company. The only defect of this method is that it requires to know how to code in this language. But, it allows to create quickly beautiful Gif. You can also change images automatically, manage colors and other features. It’s certainly the best way to create, manage and manipulate Gif animated images.

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