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The digital publishing is currently the most popular method for large and small companies and most individuals to increase their turnovers. In 2010, a study was conducted on the total market share of e-books has increased by 6.4%. The rate reached over 20% in the US and 7% on the UK market. A growth that continues to date especially since the proposals and sales of e-readers, tablets and smartphones have risen sharply. The digital begins to take more and more important with massive challenges. However, there is still concern Accessibility. If the iPad, for example, is very popular with rich countries, most people around the world can not afford that luxury and therefore be unable to access certain works although the digital medium remains the object a turning point in the educational environment. For a publisher, it is still difficult to produce works adapted to all platforms except maybe if publishers have a large budget and the skills necessary for the achievements of these.

A very promising market, a new mode of distribution

The IT functions currently experiencing a sharp increase in wages. This proves that this is a sustainable growth market. It is no longer to get her book on one site. It must be also available on several others. This is why the majority of them offer well-furnished and very complete catalogs of all publishers. Most structures also pose the question in terms of visibility. Which is not very uncertain in this environment because the owner of an application system is quite different from that of the web. All editors are then combined in a variety of applications, which is not at all to their advantage. Most then rush in publishing e-books if others simply create a digital catalog without broadcasting immediatly. The goal is to achieve maximum volume without having to publish and thus to provide multiple titles at the same time not to be confused in the mass.

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