The tool to personalized your website AND objects !

If you are looking for a very simple and practical tool for your website or your files, do not hesitate to call on Elite Print. The latter is an editor that offers additional online personalization service regardless of the product or service you put on sale. The module can be perfectly linked to your other three sites with a license to use on forever. You have to make an annual fee for it since you are quite free and the license is yours.

The web to print, the best solution

Today, every business or e-business sites use the time web to print in order to flourish commercially on any market. These services and many different streams which aceteurs all agree on at least one thing and that everything is on the web. This is a strategy to have a very clear vision on the axis of development but also customer loyalty.

Elite Print accompanies each printers, integrators and web agencies in this commercial revolution. With us, your task will be much easier.

Many basic features are offered with options more if you wish. These include user functionality, manager and integrator.

User features combine to create a blank document, the use of models, zoom, management of the cancellation or recovery action, word and image management, deletion, modification or adding text, objects, image, etc. The manager functions are composed by the managing actions available on each model, model creation, registration and deletion and the addition of nonprinting objects. The Integrator features include editing all the interface style shower since editing a CSS file, the module configuration for direct display model, configuration caractières fonts available for the editor , recovering a BAT for inspection, removal or modification of graphics and others.

If you are looking for a tool correspond to novices and professionals alike, you know where to find us.

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